Worldwide wonders only just uncovered

Fresh perspectives thanks to new technology, new excavations and curious amateurs have helped unearth some of the world's greatest treasures in the last 50 years. From secret Maya pyramids and fascinating fossils to buried treasures and hidden cities, we bring you some of the most exciting archaeological discoveries of modern times.

Natchitoches, Louisiana, Is the Nostalgic, Light-Filled Getaway We All Need This Holiday Season

The city will be shining bright from now until January 6.

Amazon is confident it can deliver your holiday packages in time. It's chartering its own ships and reportedly using half-empty trucks

From chartering its own ships to building up its air cargo fleet, Amazon has been operating in overdrive to deliver holiday goods in time.

The wildest place in every US state

While the impact of humans can be seen and felt nearly every place on earth, there are still some spots where wildlife and natural beauty persist. These untouched, often protected wilderness areas are located throughout the entire country, and offer a chance for people to reconnect with nature. In alphabetical order, here are the wildest places in every state.

Passengers on 2 KLM flights from South Africa to Amsterdam were held on their planes for at least 4 hours after landing in Europe amid fears of the new COVID-19 variant

Passengers were eventually brought inside the terminal on airport shuttle buses for mandatory testing after arriving from the newest COVID-19 hotspot.

7 of the best places to stay in London, from hotels favored by royalty to affordable, centrally-located bases

Wondering where to stay in London? These are the best hotels for all budgets, from five-star luxury fit for a royal to affordable, central spots.

Natural wonders that no longer exist

While many of us dream of visiting the Grand Canyon, exploring the Great Barrier Reef or seeing the Northern Lights, there are some amazing sights that’ll sadly never be able to grace our wish lists. From sea arches that were torn down by crashing waves to glaciers that disappeared due to climate change, discover the stunning natural wonders that are now gone forever.

The US is set to restrict travel from 8 countries on Monday because of the new Omicron coronavirus 'variant of concern'

The restricted countries include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Eswatini, Malawi, and Namibia.

United and Delta say they aren't cutting flights to South Africa as new travel restrictions throw a wrench in the recovery of international travel

United Airlines and Delta Air Lines had just started flying to South Africa again only to have their flights impacted by new travel restrictions.

LAX airport authorities detain woman who ran out onto the tarmac and tried to wave down an airplane

The passenger, who has yet to be identified, exited a terminal door and triggered an alarm before running up a ramp, said the airport authority.

World's coolest airports you might not have heard of

From the world's southernmost and northernmost airports to terminals with cozy log fires and freshly cooked lobster to take away, here we explore some of the coolest and quirkiest lesser-known airports around the world.

A Hawaiian TikToker called out tourists after a video appeared to show an influencer on a forbidden hiking trail

Camille Leihulu shared a TikTok from a group of tourists who appeared to be climbing the stairs and said, "Outsiders get to blatantly ignore laws."

Germany's incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Germany has seen all forms of human and natural history, and its landscapes and cities still have many of those stories on display. There are sites bearing witness to the first humans arriving on the continent of Europe, soaring places of worship and architectural achievements that have influenced the rest of the world. From monuments to mudflats, here are some of the most historic sites in Germany according to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

I’m Not a 70 Year Old Brit, But I Loved This Island Anyway

My no-fly trip to Corsica: a drive across France is part of the adventure

It takes a while to register the bullet holes that decorate each signpost along the high road out of Ajaccio, Corsica’s capital. Maybe it’s the distracting octogenarian tailgating wildly in his battered Renault van, or a lack of sleep courtesy of the overnight ferry from Toulon, but as we climb high into the country’s soaring central mountain range, it becomes impossible to ignore the omnipresent, disfigured signposts. Perhaps I shouldn’t have...

Deserted and desolate: Europe's abandoned towns

Silent streets, vacant houses and dilapidated buildings, Europe is riddled with eerie ghost towns. From depopulated military and mining towns and drowned villages to age-old enclaves destroyed by war and disasters or desolate modern developments abandoned due to economic decline.

5 of the coolest things to do in London including hidden gem exhibits and afternoon tea with cats

Here's a list of activities to try while visiting London, from visiting one of the city's museums to exploring nature.

Seeking solace in the hills: why the Malverns are perfect for walking

On the western slope of the Malvern Hills, along the border of Worcestershire and Herefordshire, there is a hairpin junction where a small lane leads downhill off the main road into the woods. It is common to see clusters of vehicles here, and if you stop to investigate you’ll find yourself among an ever-changing but faithful coterie, some of whom have travelled many miles. They are gathered around a spout in the side of the hill that gushes a...

Lobster pots, wild moors and Dracula: a car-free break in Whitby

The harbour ripples like shot silk. The smell of fried fish drifting past lobster pots on the cold granite dock makes me nostalgic. I’ve been lured to Whitby in winter by Britain’s most scenic bus ride, and the chance to stay in a spa hotel with sustainable ambitions. And for a walk up the wild Esk Valley to the wilder North York Moors. The 50-mile bus journey from York to Whitby takes longer than the 200 speedy miles by train to York from...

A man was found in an American Airlines landing gear compartment after the flight landed in Miami

"Persons are taking extreme risks when they try to conceal themselves in confined spaces such as an aircraft," CBP told NBC News.

I learned that traveling is a skill on a 60-hour train journey to and from Miami — here's how I honed it

Insider's reporter missed a bus, got lost, and had to drag her belongings around Miami for a day, but her mistakes made her a more confident traveler.

Qatar Airways says it is not accepting passengers on its flights from 2 African nations immediately due to the new Omicron variant

Qatar Airways has enacted the most dramatic restrictions of any airline worldwide after the WHO deemed Omicron, first discovered in Africa, a "variant of concern."

A private jet charter firm says it's seen more than 600 searches for flights out of South Africa since Omicron was identified

Private aviation has been the go-to for wealthy travelers looking to get out of COVID-19 hotspots and avoid lockdowns.

Jen Psaki says South Africa turned down the US's offer of additional COVID-19 vaccine doses

About a quarter of people in South Africa are fully vaccinated as the new coronavirus variant, Omicron, spreads.

How latest update to England’s travel red list will affect planned trips

The UK government has added six countries to the travel red list after the emergence of a new coronavirus variant. As of midday on Friday, South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe and Namibia are subject to restrictions and a temporary flight ban. Non-UK and Irish residents who have been in any of those countries in the previous 10 days will be refused entry into England. And the move will have an impact on anyone who has a trip...

EU member states agree to ban flights from southern Africa over new coronavirus variant 'Omicron' rapidly spreading there

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said it was important that Europeans "act very swiftly, decisively, and united."

61 COVID-19 cases were detected on flights from South Africa to the Netherlands amid concern of new Omicron variant

"I am surrounded by MORONS who don't even have their masks on. When we're marooned because of a possibly vaccine-proof variant," a New York Times reporter tweeted from the tarmac.

The US is getting another startup airline, California-based Airbahn

The company envisions a fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft configured in a single-class cabin with 174 seats and plans to serve mid-tier markets.

America's best treasure hunters and their most incredible discoveries

The most successful fortune seekers in US history.

Cruise and airline stocks sell off as global health officials track new coronavirus variant with 'large number of mutations'

"What we do know is that this variant has a large number of mutations," said a WHO official about the new COVID variant B.1.1.529.

New Bins Let New Orleans' Residents Recycle Oyster Shells for Reefs

Two nonprofit groups came together to expand a shell recycling program that previously worked exclusively with restaurants.

Dow falls 700 points as new coronavirus variant threatens to derail global economic recovery

Travel-related stocks sold off sharply, while shares of vaccine makers and stay-at-home stock plays spiked.

Captivating castles where you can spend the night

Ever wanted to dive straight into the pages of a fairy tale? These most fantastical hotels let their guests do exactly that. From age-old historic strongholds that have stood to majestic modern structures, these castle stays are sure to fire the imagination. Here's our pick of some of the most amazing castles to spend the night in. Always check travel restrictions and local COVID-19 guidance before booking.

Chair of South African Medical Association says Omicron cases are mild so far, but it's too soon to the determine risk of severe disease

"We really just need to hold tight to see how this plays out and what our next move is," an epidemiologist at UTHealth School of Public Health said.

Adventurous homes hiding secret rooms

All is not what it seems inside these homes. From secret under stair hiding places to covert bunkers and top-secret rooms, these elusive spaces are hidden away from prying eyes. Click or scroll to see what these unusual homes are hiding behind their doors...

Top Airbnb experiences in the US to book now

Airbnb is known for offering the chance to stay in some of the world's most incredible accommodations, from remote cabins to sleek penthouses. But the site also helps connect travelers and locals with incredible bookable experiences in their chosen destination. Here we've narrowed down the best Airbnb experiences in the US. Remember to check state advisories before booking and traveling.

South Africa says it has been 'punished' rather than 'applauded' for detecting the new Omicron variant

South Africa has some of the world's top epidemiologists and scientists, who have detected emerging coronavirus variants early, Reuters said.

Monica Galetti goes behind the scenes of the world's most amazing destinations

In the new series of Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby, TV chef Monica Galetti uncovers the secrets behind the world's top hotels, in the most awe-inspiring destinations. Jessica Reid finds out more

The only 4 restaurants you need to try on your next trip to London

Our list of the best places to eat in London includes standout Indian food at Dosa n Chutny, fresh seafood at Scott's Mayfair, and other restaurants.

If you're planning a trip to London, consider these COVID and weather advisories first

If you're planning to visit London, here's what you need to know about mask mandates and weather advisories.

Land of plenty: top 10 UK foodie breaks

Foraging and wild pizza, Dorset If you’re looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly foodie gift, this coastal foraging experience with Fore Adventure will hit the spot. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Studland Bay, the half-day course begins with exploring the beach for seaweeds, sea vegetables, cockles and crabs, before using the ingredients to create a “wild pizza” cooked in a woodfaired oven. Stay just a stone’s throw away at the Pig on...

What to expect if you get Covid-19 on vacation and want to fly home

If you’re on a crowded, cross-country flight for six hours in the middle of a pandemic, there’s something you should know about airport and airline protocol.

‘New Zealand will be the loser’: travel sector bemoans slow reopening

Lyn Rickman and her family were hoping to travel across the ditch from Australia to visit her daughter Ellie, who lives in New Zealand and is due to graduate in Auckland at the beginning of May. “Now chances are we won’t get there, because the borders will open in a staggered way from 30 April and we’d have to quarantine,” says Rickman. “We can’t plan anything ... we’re just hoping New Zealand changes the rules. I’ll be triple-vaxxed, what more...

Inside Blue Origin's Astronaut Village where space tourists sleep in Airstream trailers and hang out around a firepit: 'It's not a five-star hotel.'

Blue Origin's Astronaut Village has a restaurant, bar, and firepit where passengers and staff can "bond," astronaut Chris Boshuizen told Insider.

Where to find amazing wildlife in America's biggest cities

From bunnies bouncing along the streets of Boston to mountain lions roaming through Hollywood, the residents of many US cities share their space with some extraordinary creatures.

Three Mona Lisas people claim is the real painting

We take a look at the tales behind the Hekking Mona Lisa and the Isleworth Mona Lisa and why people believe they were painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

Frontier is launching 18 new routes to Florida and beyond with a special focus on rival Spirit's home airport of Fort Lauderdale — see the full list

According to Frontier, it will compete with Spirit on three routes out of Fort Lauderdale, including Atlanta, Orlando, and Philadelphia.

Amazing Amazon: why the world's most important rainforest is in danger

The Amazon rainforest covers an awe-inspiring 2.6 million square miles (6.7m sq km), spanning Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela. It’s home to an incredible three million plant and animal species, as well as around 400 different indigenous groups. Yet this ecologically- and culturally-rich landscape is under threat. We track the challenges that the Amazon rainforest has faced over the years.

By the sea: the most charming coastal towns on Earth

Whether it's sunny shores in warmer climes or harsh and rugged coasts hugged by icy waters, some of the world's most beautiful towns and villages are located by the coast. From fishing villages in North America to clifftop towns in Europe, these places have one thing in common – they're all jaw-droppingly stunning. Click on the Expand View option to see these photos at their best and join us on an armchair tour around the world's most beautiful coastal towns and villages.

WHO slams countries for putting travel bans on southern Africa, saying it 'attacks global solidarity'

Countries put travel bans on multiple southern African nations after the Omicron coronavirus variant was first detected in South Africa and Botswana.