See inside the coolest tiny homes on wheels

Desperate to leave the rat race and get out on the open road? These tiny homes on wheels mean you'll always have a place to hang your hat. From airstreams to shepherd huts, check out these amazing tiny houses that can go anywhere...

Days of wine and rosehips: my car-free break in Herefordshire

Moreton-in-Marsh, Honeybourne, Evesham, Pershore … The names of the stations along the Cotswold Line railway are familiar as a nursery rhyme from childhood journeys. I grew up near Oxford, but it’s years since I last travelled west on this line and the distant hills have a blue, remembered air. The little River Evenlode meanders through sheep-dotted fields outside the train window before the wider Avon winds through plum and cherry trees. We...

The best places to experience authentic South Africa

The Rainbow Nation is a vibrant mix of cultures – and a pioneer of fair, community-driven enterprises that can help you visit in a respectful way...

Capitol rioter asks court for lenient sentence, arguing that he already suffered by losing work, access to Airbnb, and his TSA precheck status

Justin McAuliffe, an accountant from Long Island, New York is seeking leniency ahead of his sentencing this week, court documents show.

10 major airlines have signed a letter warning of massive flight disruptions and supply-chain chaos as AT&T and Verizon plan to roll out 5G services

The carrier said the 5G services could disrupt multiple systems in widebody aircraft. The nations's commerce "will grind to a halt," they added.

The president of Emirates says the 5G rollout that led to flights being canceled is 'one of the most delinquent, utterly irresponsible' situations he's witnessed

Airlines including Emirates and Air India canceled flights over 5G safety concerns, though Verizon and AT&T later delayed the rollout near airports.

World's amazing bridges you can cross on foot

Bridges are an important part of transportation infrastructure when it comes to rail and automobiles, but there’s also something magical about crossing a bridge on foot. From major traffic bridges to humble rope bridges, the world is full of structures that can be walked across. Here are some of the world’s most amazing bridges that can all be crossed without the need for a car, train, or bike.

America's top attractions for sports fans

America is a haven for sports lovers – whether you're a fan of baseball, basketball, hockey or football, it's nearly always game day in the States. Get a slice of the action at buzzy stadiums, relic-packed museums and the country's best sports bars.

The US Coast Guard is searching for 39 missing people after a suspected 'human smuggling' boat capsized off the coast of Florida

A survivor found clinging to the overturned hull told the Coast Guard they sailed from the Bahamas, and that no one had been wearing a life jacket.

Adele tearfully postpones Las Vegas residency a day before first show due to COVID delays

Adele shared a video on social media explaining that her concerts had to be postponed due to "delivery delays" and her team catching COVID-19.

Avelo Airlines is raising pay and offering a $20,000 sign-on bonus to attract pilots amid an industry-wide staffing shortage

The company announced Thursday it will increase pilot compensation by nearly 50% for captains and about 30% for first officers, effective February 1.

Historic US attractions everyone should visit

While it might be a relatively young nation – founded in 1776 – the US is steeped in history. There’s plenty to satisfy the curiosity of any history buff here, from well-preserved indigenous settlements to Civil War landmarks, as well as the country’s oldest national parks and Gold Rush towns. Read on for a fascinating snapshot of America’s past, told through some of its most beloved attractions that span 900 years. If you're planning on visiting any for yourself, make sure you check local travel restrictions, booking requirements and COVID-19 protocols before you go.

I worked at Disney World for 2 years. Here are the only 13 attractions worth your time.

I spent two years working at the Orlando theme parks, and even though there are tons of rides and shows, only a few of them are worth waiting for.

I visit Maui every year and these are the 8 best places to stay if you're looking for pure paradise

After visiting Maui for years, our writer combined her expertise with intel from in-the-know Hawaiian locals for a list of the best places to stay.

International airlines including Emirates and Air India have canceled some US flights despite pause to 5G rollout

International flights to Newark, Orlando, and San Francisco are among those being canceled by airlines.

Amazing treasures found on beaches

From the classic shipwrecks and buried treasure chests to the slightly more unusual, these incredible treasures have been found washed up on beaches.

20 off-the-beaten-path places on Maui that every local loves, from secret beaches to under-the-radar hikes

Thinking about what to do in Maui? Run through our list of must-do activities, including Waihou Spring Trail, Honokalani Beach, and more.

Visit every state's best virtual attraction – from home

Sit back, relax and bookmark the best virtual tours in every state to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Tonga man describes surviving at sea for 27 hours after being swept away by tsunami

Lisala Folau, who says he struggles to walk, told local radio he was swept away by a tsunami wave and eventually brought to the country's main island.

25 famous landmarks that might have looked very different

Look through just some of the proposals for world-famous landmarks that didn't make the cut.

Hawaii is open to visitors, but here's what you should know about local laws and advisories before you go

Here's what to know about visiting Maui when it comes to weather advisories, mask mandates, and other COVID-related regulations.

The most beautiful colleges and universities on the planet

Revered and celebrated the world over, universities are not just places of education, but also of incredible history, amazing architecture and one-of-a-kind spaces. From the halls of Harvard to the centuries-old buildings of Oxford, let's take a virtual tour of the most beautiful universities in the world – many of which you can visit, even if you don't have a high GPA.

This American ghost town has been burning for 60 years

Born from big ambitions, these modern-day towns are now eerily lifeless landmarks, built to accommodate booming populations before misfortune or misjudgment rendered them obsolete. From hundreds of abandoned chateaux to futuristic holiday homes that failed to find buyers, discover the deserted settlements that fell by the wayside...

Crystal Cruises ship diverts to Bahamas with 700 people on board after arrest warrant issued over $1.2 million unpaid fuel bill: report

Operator Genting Hong Kong Ltd is millions of dollars in debt and its Crystal Symphony ship could be seized at any US port, per multiple outlets.

Ancient Trans Bhutan Trail set to become the world's next greatest trek

The sacred trail will connect travellers to some of the Buddhist country's most remote historic and cultural sites

Incredible images of subway travel through the decades

The world's subway systems are much more than just a way to get from A to B. They're impressive feats of engineering, sometimes with architecturally stunning stations to boot. And these subterranean transport links have a history dating back to the 19th century – here we rattle back through the past to bring you nostalgic images of underground travel from times gone by.

Digital detox: Going cold turkey with no wifi in the Lake District

“The question comes almost as soon as we step inside the remote cottage in the western Lake District: “Where’s the telly?” The door of the holiday cottage in Eskdale opens straight into the tiny lounge, and in the space where the TV should be there’s only a simple fireplace, a wooden bookcase stuffed with maps and nature books, and a couple of high-backed armchairs. “Well, can we go on the iPad then?” is the next request. Then, when they’re...

Splendid isolation: 15 of the best off-grid stays in the UK

Campwell, near Bath Comprising yurts, A-frame log cabins, shepherd’s huts and roundhouses, this off-grid retreat in 16 hectares (40 acres) of woodland near Bath was created by a green woodworker as a low-impact village, where a large group or several small ones can get together to embrace the good life. Cabins sleeping 2-4 sit amid lush greenery, with wooden decks and a communal kitchen and dining area. Guests are encouraged to lock their phones...

A passenger who refused to wear her mask forced a London-bound American Airlines flight to return to Miami

Flight AAL38 returned back to Florida "due to a disruptive customer refusing to comply with the federal mask requirement," American Airlines said.

These groundbreaking airlines no longer fly

Whether it's bankruptcies, mergers or marketing mistakes, even the biggest businesses can fall and the airline industry is no exception to this rule. From Pan Am to Alitalia, here are the stories behind some of the most well-known airlines that no longer exist and why they had to fold their wings for good.

The world's most colorful places

There's no denying that a color-filled and sunny getaway can cheer the soul. And even if you can't jump on a plane, we've selected a few of our favorite technicolor places and spaces that make for an eye-catching virtual escape. Grab the shades as we tour the world's most colorful destinations.

A local’s guide to Brighton: the best galleries, museums, restaurants and pubs

Travel blogger Ellie Seymour ( has been based in Brighton for nearly 20 years. She is the author of the guidebooks Secret Brighton and Secret Sussex Food You can’t visit the seaside city of Brighton without having fish and chips, and where to get the best is hotly debated. One of my favourite spots is the city’s oldest: Bardsley’s of Baker Street opened in 1926, which has a tiny dining room full of music hall memorabilia. I try...

Shauna Coxsey's top 7 bouldering spots in Britain

Following the release of the new film 'The Wall: Climb for Gold', Olympic athlete Shauna Coxsey reveals her top locations for bouldering around England and Wales' most scenic national parks and coastlines

CEO Brian Chesky says he's now 'living on Airbnb,' and that half of bookings on the platform are for a week or longer

"I'll be coming back to San Francisco often, but for now my home will be an Airbnb somewhere," Chesky tweeted.

Brilliant museums that reveal life onboard tragic Titanic

It's almost 110 years since RMS Titanic went down, yet we continue to be fascinated by the Ship of Dreams. As more information has been uncovered, museums have sprung up around the world to document every aspect of the ill-fated voyage. Their collections reveal what life onboard was like through original artifacts and tell stories of the crew and passengers and eventual discovery of the wreck. Many contain vivid interactive elements too. So, if you are a Titanic fanatic, these attractions should be on top of your travel list.

Tell us about your favourite smaller skiing destination in Europe – you could win a £200 holiday voucher

Europe has some of the world’s most awe-inspiring skiing areas, from historic towns carved into mountainous valleys to apres ski hotspots meandering through alpine villages. Whether it’s time to don the show shoes for a small, lesser-known resort in Italy or whether you’re often seen in the Balkans for your winter season fix, we would like to hear about your favourite smaller skiing destination in Europe. If you have a relevant photo, do send it...

Verizon and AT&T agree to delay launch of 5G service near airports after airlines warned of massive flight disruptions

Verizon and AT&T will delay rolling out 5G near airports after major airlines said deploying the service would hurt travelers and the supply chain.

How to Know When It's Too Cold to Take Your Dog on a Walk

Image Source: Getty / Faba-Photography It's not always easy to know whether your dog is cold, so you may be wondering: how cold is too cold for your furry friend?

Frontier is adding 13 new routes out of Chicago and Houston with fares starting at $29 one-way — see the full list

The new routes will fly out of Chicago Midway and Houston Hobby airport, increasing competition for Southwest Airlines which has major hubs at both.

Fresh powder: the best French ski resorts you’ve never heard of

The recent change in travel advice allowing UK citizens to travel to France again has put the country back on the agenda for the ski season. While skiers scramble to secure packages to the famous mega-resorts, there are dozens of smaller, lesser-known ski villages that offer excellent value for money while combining thrilling skiing with old-time charm and glorious natural surroundings. Here are a few that offer a change of scene and pace....

Some former Emirates employees say officers known internally as 'weight police' monitor and punish cabin-crew members deemed too heavy

Some former Emirates staff say image is crucial to the airline and that there's an internal group of officers ensuring workers meet its standards.

European sights as you've never seen them before

Europe’s dazzling cityscapes, abundant national parks and ancient monuments take on an entirely different appeal when viewed from up high. We’ve rounded up the most mesmerizing drone and aerial photographs of striking locations around Europe, from famous landmarks to lesser-known beauty spots – and even the world's longest treetop walkway – to showcase the best that the continent has to offer.

The world's loveliest hotel lobbies

The lobby is undoubtedly a hotel's business card. The first thing guests see when entering, it needs to make an impact and showcase what their stay is going to be like. From edgy areas to grand, luxurious spaces, we've tracked down some of the most striking hotel lobbies in the world.

A robot vacuum cleaner escaped a hotel and was on the loose for a day, report says

A robot vacuum cleaner escaped a Travelodge hotel in Cambridge, England, on Thursday, prompting the assistant manager to put out a call for help.

Man describes Crystal Cruises ship being diverted from Miami, everyone taken off, after arrest warrant issued for unpaid fuel

Singer Elio Pace was one of 700 people board the Crystal Symphony when its parent company fell apart.

Elon Musk says social media accounts that track his travel movements are becoming a 'security issue'

Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to a Twitter post Monday discussing the risk posed to him and his family in publishing details about his travel plans.

The US has suspended 44 China-bound flights by Chinese airlines in a spat over COVID-19 rules

The US Department of Transportation announcement came after China suspended 44 flights operated by American, Delta, and United.

Only one US airline ranked in the top 5 for having the youngest fleet of aircraft in North America, with Canada and Mexico dominating — here's the full list

Canadian and Mexican ultra-low-cost airlines ranked higher than most US airlines. But one US airline did make the top spot.

Hotels across the US are using room-service robots to assist guests and deliver food, amid staffing shortages

As the labor shortage continues to pose problems, guests are increasingly being served by robots who carry out tasks like delivering food.

The first planes carrying aid made it to Tonga several days after it was devastated by a tsunami

Planes were initially unable to land on the island due to a thick layer of ash from the volcanic eruption on January 15, 2022.