I'm backpacking the world while working as an online therapist. I have a steady income, but I'm exhausted.

Carolina Villafuerte has been backpacking while providing online therapy. It's only been a year, but being a digital nomad is getting tiring.

Highway to hell: Spooky stories set along Route 66

For many people, a road trip down the Mother Road, the United States' iconic Route 66, is a dream vacation. From Illinois to California, the rolling and ever-changing landscapes, the small towns and big cities along the way, and the simple joy of cruising down one of the longest roads in the world make for a perfect adventure. Unfortunately, you can get more than just your kicks on Route 66. The iconic highway is notoriously haunted, and weaves through some pretty supernaturally shady areas. For some, that might make the trip even more enticing, but for others, it might be a dealbreaker. Whichever way you're leaning, read on to discover some of the creepiest and spookiest stories about Route 66.

The world's crumbling ghost towns that were once thriving desert villages

Here are the world’s desert communities that have become eerie ghost towns and, interestingly, manmade attractions.

We’ve hunted down the world’s most dangerous (thrilling) attractions

From deep water soloing in Thailand to riding the world’s fastest roller coaster in the UAE and the most dangerous bike trails in North and South America, here are our top picks of the most adrenaline-inducing activities, guaranteed to add extra thrills to your travels.

Xia Baolong, top Beijing official overseeing Hong Kong affairs, arrives in city on 7-day fact-finding visit

Beijing’s top official overseeing Hong Kong affairs arrived in the city on Thursday, kicking off a seven-day fact-finding visit with an airport tour followed by briefing sessions with senior government figures. Without addressing the media, Xia Baolong, director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office (HKMAO), waved from a shuttle bus as he left the airport accompanied by Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu and Zheng Yanxiong, the head of...

‘I looked out and gasped’: BT Tower visitors reminisce over London landmark

More than half a century on, Annabel Brown, 71, remembers visiting the BT Tower’s restaurant with her father in 1970 as a young student. “I was new to London and it was breathtaking. My father was someone who really embraced new things, and it was the place to go then. It was totally awe-inspiring because you moved all the time.” Reminiscing about her visit to the London landmark amid the news that the structure is to be converted into an...

Where tourists seldom tread, part 8: five more towns with hidden treasures

Port Talbot Port Talbot recently returned to the spotlight, when Tata Steel announced electrification and layoffs last month and the BBC broadcast Michael Sheen’s television series The Way this week. Politicians and foreign companies can shut down entire towns with impressive equanimity when the factories they are mothballing and the lives they are destroying are invisible. Port Talbot, however, would seem hard to ignore. As you approach on the...

Pay your respects at these presidential burial sites

The gravesites of 39 US presidents are spread across the length of breadth of the country they served, in 23 states and the District of Columbia. They range from simple headstones to elaborate tombs. Many are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Other more contemporary burial sites are set within the grounds of presidential libraries and museums. But where exactly are these final resting places located? Click through and pay your respects to the deceased presidents of the United States.

Scenes from the New York City Subway in the 1970s

A collection of photos from the '70s shows a subway system overwhelmed by graffiti (and crime).

The best solo trips around the world

Solo traveling can be a daunting prospect sometimes, especially if you have no idea how the culture in your destination of choice works, or how easy it is to get around. But fear not, because the world offers many travel options for all the solo travelers out there. Click through this gallery to discover the best solo trips around the world.

Hanoi soared past Singapore as the world’s best airport for business travellers

Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport soared past Singapore’s Changi Airport as the world’s best airport... The post Hanoi soared past Singapore as the world’s best airport for business travellers appeared first on The Independent Singapore News - Latest Breaking News

The last unexplored places on Earth

We've been to the Moon, so surely we know every corner of our planet, right? Not quite. Many places on Earth remain largely unexplored. From unclimbed mountains, to the depths of the oceans and rainforests, there are still many ecosystems to be discovered. And not only are there unexplored places, there are also still uncontacted peoples out there! Earth is indeed a big place, and we've not seen it all. In this gallery, we've compiled a list of some of our planet's unexplored places. Click through and start your journey of discovery.

1.44 million travellers visited Singapore in January

The average length of stay dropped to just 3.45 days, from 4.32 days a year ago. More travellers visited Singapore in January 2023, but with shorter stays, according to data from the Singapore Tourism Analytics Network, based on arrival cards collected up to 31 January 2024. Over 1.44 million travellers entered Singapore’s borders in January, 54.2% higher than the same month in 2023. Of this, 1.07 million are overnight visitors, 43.6% higher...

The Bermuda Triangle and other fascinating myths and legends

The next top destinations for NFL games around the world

Prehistoric animals you won't believe existed

The animal kingdom is full of a wide variety of animals living in the seas, land, and skies. Millions of years ago, many more species made the Earth their home, but have since gone extinct. In the following gallery, browse through and discover the incredible and fascinating animals that once roamed the planet.

The breathtaking sights you can see on the 'longest walk in the world'

Mind-blowing photos of the unseen side of things

We often go through life with a surface-level acceptance of objects, landmarks, and animals, taking them at face value and moving on. But never underestimate the difference a change of angle can make! Click through to see some fascinating photos that will make you re-imagine your reality.

50 Cheapest Places to Retire Across America

It's the new normal to retire on a budget. Learn the places you can settle down to live your best life on a fixed income.

Old architectural wonders that were destroyed

Over the years, our collective architectural aspirations have progressed forward in impressively futuristic ways, but these newer buildings have been built on the foundations of those that long came before. The only problem is that many of these architectural ancestors have not survived time's relentless effects, and gorgeous old structures which served as libraries, churches, theaters, and museums have been destroyed by war or demolished to make room for parking lots and freeways. These lost structures are doubly impressive because of the time in which they were constructed, without all the modern fixings and machines we have today. Click through to have a look at an architectural history that remains just that, history.

This is the favorite destination in Europe for Russian and Chinese spies

National Trust could install 3ft 'wee poles' to stop dogs urinating on historic buildings and trees at handful of sites across the country

Shugborough Estate in Staffordshire and Attingham Park in Shropshire are among a 'small handful of sites' that will see the wooden posts planted on their grounds as part of a trial.

Must-try street food for travelers

When taking a trip, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture of your destination is to embrace the local cuisine. Depending on your budget, you may choose to go to a fancy restaurant, or perhaps you're staying at an all-inclusive hotel. But in reality, there is no better way to explore a country's food than to take to the streets. While street food is most commonly associated with Asian countries, in fact, it is a feature of gastronomical life all across the globe. Check out this gallery for an East-West tour of the world's must-try street food items.

The most popular vacation spots the year you were born

Where should you travel to this year? Well, if you're looking for inspiration, why not take a look at top destinations throughout the years? You might even end up visiting the most popular tourist destination in the year you were born! Click on to find out which were the most popular vacation spots from 1950 to 2009.

Explore the Pinnacles, one of the world's weirdest landscapes

Nambung National Park in Western Australia is famed for the Pinnacles Desert it encloses. The desert is so named for the astonishing collection of ancient limestone rock formations that protrude from the sand like the broken fingers of a long-dead giant. These structures draw visitors far and wide to the park, which is also celebrated for its fascinating variety of flora and fauna. Browse the gallery and be amazed by one of the planet's weirdest-looking desert regions.

Setting the Scenes

Setting the Scenes In 2023, you could go just about anywhere you ever wanted to at the movies: the rural American Midwest of the 1920s; a Lisbon-originating luxury sailing vessel making port calls in Marseilles and Alexandria; the hallowed nether regions of Carnegie Hall and through the Leonard Bernstein estate; and even a dreamy parallel universe in which a pink-outfitted, Mattel-branded icon can accomplish anything…until emotions get a little...

What do the 50 state flags of the US represent?

Each of the 50 state flags of America are unique in their design and symbolism. While some elements can be identified across several examples, namely references to the original 13 colonies, the Stars and Stripes, and the bald eagle, a US state flag is essentially singular in its meaning and significance. A US state flag represents the history of that state, key moments in its timeline, and the character and patriotism of its people. It also serves to highlight its culture and heritage. So, which flag flies over your state? Click through and find out what your flag means.

Is this how the BT Tower transformation could look? Inside the wacky properties designed by Thomas Heatherwick who will turn the landmark into a luxury hotel after £257 million deal

The BT Tower landmark is set to be transformed into an 'iconic hotel' after by Heatherwick Studios. Femail takes a look at the properties designed by the architecture firm.

Historic US forts you need to visit

The United States is peppered with numerous forts, garrisons, and camps—testament to the country's impressive military past. Appearing across the nation as early as the mid-17th century, most of these strongholds were built for defensive purposes. But some served a commercial purpose, as trading posts, for example, or goods depots. Today, many stand as unique National Historic Landmarks, sited within state parks and collected together as fascinating living history museums. Indeed, these installations helped shape American history. Curious? Then click through and learn more.

22 Adults-Only Resorts for a Well-Deserved Vacation

These romantic retreats have everything you need—except children.

40 Things That Didn't Exist 40 Years Ago

The world really was a different place back then.

9 of the world's best family-friendly train journeys

For sunsets, clean sheets and a sense of adventure, pick one of these great train trips for families.

29 ancient sites that are older than Stonehenge, revealed

From Peru’s ancient citadels to France’s mysterious standing stones, there’s an abundance of prehistoric sites that pre-date 2500 BC, when Stonehenge’s legendary stones were put into place.

10 Affordable Cities for Retirees Who Don’t Mind the Winter

Arizona, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina -- warmer-weather states like these usually get credit for being top places to retire. But what if you don't like heat or humidity and palm trees and would...

The greatest discoveries and advancements in the history of astronomy

For as long as humans have walked the Earth, the great endless sky and the countless stars that fill it have left us in a state of awe-inspired wonderment. Similarly, the study and exploration of space have been a priority for humankind for millennia. From the ancient Assyrians and Greeks, to the greatest minds of the Renaissance, and up to the billionaire space explorers of the 21st century, incredible amounts of time and effort have gone into better understanding our celestial surroundings. And yet, despite all of the great strides that have been made to understand the great beyond, it's estimated that 95% of the universe is still undiscovered. Click through the gallery to learn about some of the greatest discoveries of astronomy and our universe.

Amazing curiosities about the construction of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Featuring the carved portraits of four US presidents, Mount Rushmore stands as a patriotic cultural symbol as well as an extraordinary example of civil engineering. So, how did they build this colossal and iconic granite monument? Click through and find out how they carved out a bit of American history.

First Russian tourists allowed back to North Korea say it is 'surreal'

The first Russian tourists allowed to visit North Korea since the start of the pandemic have described their trip as 'surreal.'

13 Nostalgic Photos of Vintage Amusement Parks

What a thrill.

This M’sian ex-accountant spent RM150K to start a camping-themed reptile café in Ipoh

Coffee Camp 612 is a Malaysian camping-themed cafe in Ipoh, Perak. It features a lot of greenery as well as reptiles.

Horrified air passenger, 29, endures 'worst meal ever' of mac and cheese topped with shrimp and 'slimy' mushrooms' for BREAKFAST on China Eastern flight

British travel blogger, Nicola Easterby, has claimed she was served the 'worst plane meal' of all time - a 'monstrous' mac and cheese topped with shrimp and 'slimy' mushrooms for breakfast.

The least-visited country in the world may be the first to disappear

One of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world is also one of the least visited, but most of us may never get to visit before the nation disappears. Tuvalu is an island country in the west-central Pacific Ocean, sitting about halfway between Australia and Hawaii. It’s a coral atoll nation, which means it sits on a ring-shaped coral reef encircling a lagoon, with islands along the rim. The country is a stunning oasis, but faces the threat of disappearing completely from the face of the Earth. Click through to find out about the people, the culture, the devastation it faces, and more about this unique community.

The Old West's most wanted criminals

The American Frontier of the late 1800s and early 1900s is known as the Old West, a time and place romanticized for its freedom and feared for its violence in equal measure. Often referred to as the Wild West, this era saw an abundance of outlaws who made a living by robbing banks, stealing from trains, and ambushing stagecoaches. Some of these gunmen became legendary figures, their stories forever etched in American folklore. However, it's important to remember that most of these individuals were ruthless and brutal, living up to their reputations as dangerous gunfighters. These bandits, villains, fugitives, gunslingers, and desperados were some of the most wanted outlaws of the Wild West. Click through the gallery to get started. Click through the gallery to see them all.

Where to find America’s most compelling UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are currently 24 World Heritage Sites in the US listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), destinations that help define the country’s national identity. How many have you visited? Here we've listed 15 sites for your convenience. Scroll through the gallery for our guide to the nation's heritage highlights.

The fascinating history of Bible smuggling

It's safe to say that all Western countries benefit from religious freedom. People have the freedom to follow whatever faith they choose, and read their religion's texts. But this was not the case for many years, for instance in the Soviet Union. As response, numerous Christian evangelist organizations and individuals became involved in smuggling Bibles for those in countries that had no access to them. And if you think Bible smuggling is a thing of the past, you couldn't be more wrong. Click through the following gallery to find out more.

Cumbrian castle's secret wartime art mission

The castle protected hundreds of valuable paintings from the Tate during the World War Two.

Terror close to home: A scene repeated too many times

If every other terror attack against Israelis wasn’t already a personal affront, this one felt particularly egregious.

Everything you need to know about space tourism

Between floating in weightlessness, witnessing 16 sunrises a day and gazing into the infinite void, space travel sure sounds like an out-of-this-world experience. And now, it’s no longer a thing of the future. That’s right, soon interstellar awe will be open to (almost) anyone, as billionaires Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk are pushing the space tourism industry to a higher orbit.

The Most Beautiful Small Towns In Every State

Why yes, we would love to reside in a place where we can pan for sapphires.

Southwest Airlines reaches tentative agreement with Transport Workers Union

(Reuters) - Southwest Airlines has reached a tentative agreement with a local unit of the Transport Workers Union that represents nearly 18,000 operations, provisioning, ramp and cargo agents, the company said on Thursday. The carrier did not provide any details about the agreement signed with TWU 555, which will communicate details of the deal directly to its members. Southwest is also in

Magnificent natural parks in Europe

Europe is home to some of the world's most spectacular national parks. From the glaciers of Iceland to the breathtaking waterfalls of Croatia, here are some of Europe's most magnificent national parks.